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Merry Christmas

in July, that is! I am proud to be part of Handmade Circle Team’s Christmas in July Event! For the entire month of July over 40 lovely Etsy shops will be offering discounts of up to 35% off…Simply click on the link below to see all of the details and all of the lovely shops that are participating…


What a wonderful way to get a head start on things this year…beautiful gifts and holiday decor at awesome sale prices!

Thank you so much, as always, for reading:) Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



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Scaring Crows

Wow! The weeks just seem to be flying by! Seems like I just posted on here a couple days ago but it has already been a whole week…

I’ve been pretty busy working on my late summer and early fall items this past week. It seems like you always have to be a step ahead of things when you make seasonal/holiday items. You always have to have the things done and ready to sell weeks ahead of time. I always think it is funny to be doing Christmas trees and Santa Clauses while Trick or Treaters are coming to my door or painting Easter bunnies while listening to Jingle Bells!

This is one of my scarecrow dolls that I finished and listed on Etsy…I had so much fun making him and used a great pattern from Chestnut Junction.

I also finished a small scarecrow girl shelf sitter…she was also a lot of fun to make and I designed her with my own pattern.

I also got some scarecrow yard stakes and a prim sunflower and crow decoration done. The scarecrows were from a great pattern by Beein’ Creative With Mis and the sunflower, one of my favorites, was another pattern from Chestnut Junction…

Because these items are so long, I will probably just sell them at the store up north where I have some things…I find that some items are kind of hard to ship.

With July only a couple of weeks away, the Handmade Circle Team is gearing up for Christmas in July…a lot of lovely shops will be having great sales. I will be offering 20% off everything in my shop for the event and will post more details as the event gets closer…

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


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Can’t believe another week has flown by already! But thank goodness it’s Friday! Now that summer is getting into full swing, it seems like there are so many parties and get-togethers to enjoy. I always like to bring a dish to pass and to try new things…I found this recipe and am looking forward to making it. It would be a wonderful cool dessert on a hot day. Thought I’d share it with you…

And who wants to spend all kinds of time cleaning up the kitchen on a gorgeous day? My crocheted dish cloths are durable yet pretty and make clean up a breeze!

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!


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Thank You

Well, today officially marks 6 months for Monday’s Child on Etsy….Happy Anniversary! Woot Woot! And a huge thank you to all of my beloved family, friends, customers, followers, and supporters! Without you, there would be no Monday’s Child Prims!

I can still remember how nervous I was to open the Etsy shop. I had some things already in the shop up north and I had done some craft shows with my mom. Didn’t know the slightest thing about selling online nor did I have anything at all to do with Facebook or any other social media site. I resisted the invites from family and friends for years it seems! I read and re-read all the selling on Etsy info and tried to take photos. My hands were shaking as I began setting up my shop and listing my first item…

It seems so much has changed and I have come so far in the last 6 months. No, I did not become rich overnight. Didn’t really expect that anyways! I now use Facebook and other media sites all day long without a second thought. I have been so blessed to have had over 70 sales. It may not seem like a lot compared to some shops, but it is more than I could have dreamed I would have by 6 months. And I cannot believe how much Debbie and her Boot Camp has helped me progress as well. So I’m sending a big thank you to you too, Debbie!

So here’s to looking forward to another 6 months! I have been slowly but steadily working on my goals that I previously posted about. I have listed a first of several recipes in my shop. It was a great deal of fun doing that and I am looking forward to offering more recipes for from-scratch but simple and old-fashioned dishes. I am also still thinking of listing some vintage prim items that keep with my shop theme. I have actually found some things already to get listed. And I have been starting work on my fall items, one of my favorite times of year. I just love harvest and Halloween decorations so be sure to stop by the shop often. I plan on having a large selection of great items. And not forgetting about 4th of July, I just listed this adorable Uncle Sam…

Thank you again everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week!


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